“Matt has helped me in so many ways. I can honestly say I don’t know how I would have made it through some of my darkest times without his help. His honesty, compassion, and wonderful ability to listen and take time to understand my feelings have helped me cope and grow as a person. His methods of conquering anxiety and depression have also helped me tremendously. He’s a great therapist and a great person and I’m glad to have had his help over these past few years. I couldn’t have done it without him.” -LMA

“I had the pleasure of working with Matt Lipson for a number of years. Matt is a dedicated therapist, with the ability to draw from various disciplines in order to provide the best clinical work possible. Matt’s commitment to working with children and families is unprecedented. Matt has great insight, and he is able to display a balance of patience, humor, compassion, and objectivity that allows him to foster his clinical relationships. Matt’s unique qualities make him well suited to work with any population.” -JD

“Matt’s capacity to build and sustain productive alliances with traumatized, anxious patients is superior. He has extensive knowledge and experience with providing CBT and has demonstrated a real talent for helping reluctant phobic clients stick with and benefit from exposure treatment. Helping individuals with various anxiety disorders is, I believe, an area of particular strength. I believe Matt is a talented therapist and I would refer a wide range of clients to him with confidence.” -SR

“Our family was struggling with many issues when we first met Matt. Although our daughter was struggling with personal issues herself, our family was also in crisis. Matt offered us family therapy as well as individual therapy for our daughter. He helped us see how our family interacted with each other both in a positive way and in ways that needed improving. He was able to teach us improved communication skills and engaged in various family therapy activities that helped our family make lasting changes. During his individual sessions with our daughter, not only was he able to develop a strong therapeutic relationship with her (a struggle that many other therapists could not overcome), but he was able to show her new and more positive ways to deal with her feelings and how to communicate her needs more effectively. We would recommend Matt as both a family therapist and individual therapist without hesitation.” -ZR

“I attended an anger management group that Matt ran. I did not believe that it would be helpful and was mandated by the court to attend. Matt taught me about my anger and the connections it had with my thoughts. He also taught me new skills that have helped me be more successful as a husband and father, at my job, and in my life in general. I appreciate all his help and knowledge and continue to use the skills daily.” -JM